Sunday, September 22, 2013

Guided Reading Space Saver!

In the past, I have used guided reading baskets that go back and forth to the table, but I hate that they are on the floor. I have added several things to my table this year so I figure I might as well add something else. I bought the poly envelopes for binders and there is a guided reading notebook inside. The student's familiar reads will also go in here.

Then I added good quality velcro to the bucket and to the back of each envelope. I have plenty of just one side because year after year I leave one side on the student desks so I only use the other side for the name tags. The students know to hang it on the bucket when they get to group. It has been easy to get in and out of and it stays on. I just have them stick it under where their legs are. I did the wiggle and slide test myself and it sticks tight. I used velcro out of the sewing department. Be sure you are at the blog Home tab for more guided reading table ideas!


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