Friday, May 18, 2012

Freebie Friday-End of the Year Favorite Author Sheet

My students and I love learning about authors throughout the year. We keep track of the books that we have read and some other information on a pocket chart above where the author's books are displayed. When we have finished that author it goes on the ceiling. The students use the ceiling as a reference all year. The great thing about author studies is how much the students get involved because they really feel that they know a lot about that author. It also allows them to think more deeply once they are familiar with the authors style and background. I also have an author's craft bulletin board. I write the craft and description on one sentence strip and then a place where we find the author using that craft another. (title, author and quote from the book) I don't always use the author we are studying, but often I do at least one craft from each author. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Freebie Friday-Bathroom Time Tracker

As much as we would like for the bathroom to be a place where students take care of business and make great choices, it isn't always that way. So as I prepare for next year, I have made up a couple sheets to use for students who are using the restroom without the rest of the class. I have added a google docs link at the end with the forms in word and a little more about how I am going to use it. You can also find a free bathroom management pack on my TPT that focuses on when you use the bathroom together.  It puts a positive spin on managing the bathroom. I will also be adding this to that pack. The google docs didn't keep the same line formatting as the original so I added a PDF and word document of it to my TPT. I would love to hear about the ways you establish routines that help reduce bathroom issues.


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Yay! It is Jackpot day! I am so excited to show my appreciation by offering my Word Work Station August to December pack for free! Enjoy!

Normally $4.25

The teacher appreciation jackpot was a huge success. I am so excited that I got to share this with so many. Thank you to the organizers of this event. The Jackpot might be over, but you can still find all of my products for 20% off until May 8th! Have a blessed week!

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Freebies Below

Free google docs pages from my
Word Work Station
Magnet Station
Sentence to Story Writing Station

I have been working this week to get my literacy stations in tiptop shape and ready to go in my store. Many of my stations change each week, but the others stay the same with a few minor changes in the format throughout the year. I decided to make a pack of those that stay the same and offer it for free! These papers are ready to print and go. I hope you hop on over to my TPT and download this 19 page freebie!

This pack has been updated to include cover pages for each station. I will be putting mine into individual booklets so I added covers in case you want to do the same. I will be picking one format for each station and then switching it at semester, but you mix and let students decide which they use each week. I look at every student's stations each day and these formats make it easy and quick to