Sunday, September 22, 2013

Guided Reading Space Saver!

In the past, I have used guided reading baskets that go back and forth to the table, but I hate that they are on the floor. I have added several things to my table this year so I figure I might as well add something else. I bought the poly envelopes for binders and there is a guided reading notebook inside. The student's familiar reads will also go in here.

Then I added good quality velcro to the bucket and to the back of each envelope. I have plenty of just one side because year after year I leave one side on the student desks so I only use the other side for the name tags. The students know to hang it on the bucket when they get to group. It has been easy to get in and out of and it stays on. I just have them stick it under where their legs are. I did the wiggle and slide test myself and it sticks tight. I used velcro out of the sewing department. Be sure you are at the blog Home tab for more guided reading table ideas!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Who's Out of Class?

This year I have more students than ever coming and going. Some are daily, but others are just a couple times a week. It can be a lot to keep track of. Also, there are the times that aren't scheduled. So I decided to create an easy way to track my students in the building. I created a couple versions of this sheet and there is an editable version.You can download it for free at TPT.
In my class, the students know their numbers and use them all of the time so they can add their own number inside of the appropriate box. For my special needs pull outs, I added their names and numbers at the bottom so their teachers could write it for them or help them. This is laminated and hung on the wall right outside of my classroom. For the marker, I just stuffed and covered the end with felt using my hot glue gun to make an eraser. Then I cut off the scrap. Then I added velcro to the sheet and marker so it could hang there.  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Guided Reading Table Upgrades!!!

I have added a couple new things to my guided reading table this year. They are cute AND make life easier!
 I am super excited about my new dry erase circles. I got these Wall Pops from amazon at about $9 for a set of three. I went with the two colors for added fun! They erase really easily and no more passing out boards or trying to work around them! You can reposition them if needed. When I put them on, I just pulled back on side of backing laid that down and slowly peeled the backing away as I put it in place. I figure that is easier than working with the whole thing at once.

Also, I have my bucket lids all finished! I'll be honest my husband did part of the work and my mom the rest so I don't know all the details, but I will share what I know. I got the buckets from Lowes along with a sturdy plywood, screws, and wood glue.  You cut out two circles per bucket. One circle is smaller than the bucket top so it fits inside to prevent slipping. (leaving room for the fabric and vinyl to fit in there too) The other circle is bigger so it will sit on top. You then glue and screw a small to a big. Then you put the stuffing on the bigger circle and cover it with fabric. Staple the fabric to the underside of the seats. Then you go back and add the vinyl covering. Trim off any remaining plastic and fabric. I added a supply list below. 

Using the Buckets:
I made large shipping labels for my buckets. 
Students 1-5, students 6-10... and Pencils
Each student has a gallon baggie with their name on it inside the bucket that goes with their class number. I sat this up on open house so the parents could help and it worked really well. Now they have a place for those extra supplies without it taking up more cabinet space and they make great guided reading chairs. ( You don't want to try slouching on those!) I keep the pencils because I have a pencil system that requires me to pass out pencils.

wood glue
vinyl "material"? from the sewing section You want a thicker one so it will last
fabric ( 21"x18" will cover a seat) I got mine from the pre-cut material at Wal-Mart
staple gun with staples

Monday, August 19, 2013

101 not 1001!

          According to common core, students need to write to 120. I want them to practice this throughout the year, but we don't get into place value until later. Many times I get 1001, 1002...10013 or something like that. I just wanted an easy way for them to practice those 100+ numbers so I put them in a trace format. I hope that others find this useful too.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Back To School Sale!!!

      I have just finished my first partial week of school and am getting ready to head back for the first full week! I hope those of you who are already started are having a great year and the best of luck to those who haven't. The Back-To-School sale is an exciting one! It is the beginning of a new adventure where we get another chance to change lives!  My store is on sale for the next few days! Also, please follow me on blog lovin'! (check out the sidebar) This year, I want to offer a free sheet or two to go with some of each month's Scholastic dollar books and I would love to share those with as many as possible! Have a fantastic year!

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Star"Bursting" with Excitement!

Get the label below!

I am almost ready for open house! For back to school, I used these die cut bags. They are filled with Starbursts and some tissue paper. Then I added this fun starburst label to the front! You could put the label right on a Starburst pack. The guitars are from Amazon and it was only around $13 for a class set! We didn't blow up the guitars and Mrs. Flanders, from down the hall, pointed out that this would give the kids something to do while parents filled out paperwork. So between guitars and putting away supplies, we will be busy! The labels are Avery 8160 1" x 2 5/8"!