Sunday, September 8, 2013

Who's Out of Class?

This year I have more students than ever coming and going. Some are daily, but others are just a couple times a week. It can be a lot to keep track of. Also, there are the times that aren't scheduled. So I decided to create an easy way to track my students in the building. I created a couple versions of this sheet and there is an editable version.You can download it for free at TPT.
In my class, the students know their numbers and use them all of the time so they can add their own number inside of the appropriate box. For my special needs pull outs, I added their names and numbers at the bottom so their teachers could write it for them or help them. This is laminated and hung on the wall right outside of my classroom. For the marker, I just stuffed and covered the end with felt using my hot glue gun to make an eraser. Then I cut off the scrap. Then I added velcro to the sheet and marker so it could hang there.  

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