Tuesday, June 12, 2012

 $8.50 all the time for the All Year Bundle or $4.25 each semester until 6/24
$5.00 regularly on each semester
Until 6/24 the All Year Bundle is $5.50 regularly $7.00
and each semester is on sale for $2.75 regularly $4.25

Hello! I just added the second semester word work station pack to my store along with the all year bundle. The first semester pack was the one I gave away during the teacher appreciation jackpot and I wanted to make sure that anyone who already had the first semester and was interested in purchasing the second could get it for the all year bundle price. I have placed the January to May pack on sale until 6/24/12. Also, I just bundled the magnet station and to ensure that those who had purchased one would get the chance to purchase the other at the bundled price, the bundle and individual semesters are also on sale until 6/24/12. I hope everyone is having a blessed summer!


  1. I bet a magnet station would be a great center to add to my classroom. That's a great idea!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. The kids really enjoy working with magnets and I do it on the front of my desk so it doesn't require extra room! I also have an extra set of student whiteboards that I am considering preparing ahead of time to save time each week. I am considering how to best store them if I went that way.I will have to experiment when I get back into my class in August.