Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Measurement is a Hoot!


I got to partner up with Tamera from My Heart Belongs in First to do an awesome product swap. I got to pick from her store and I immediately wanted to do my review on her Measurement is a Hoot! pack. Tamera has been teachinf for 20 years and has experience in title one, kindergarten, second, and for the most part first. Check out her store for other great products!

This activity goes directly along with what we do for measurement in first grade. The owls are so cute and make it easy for all the students to participate. It also is so hands on and I know that students are going to have a lot of fun with it!

There is a page of easy to follow teacher directions and also a page of easy to follow student directions.

 There are 9 different sized owls for students to measure and they vary a lot in size.

The math talk sheet gets the students using the language we love to hear and the easy to follow chart makes it easy to see that everyone is on track.

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